• Wednesday , 4 October 2023


Photograph by Allan Harris

Photograph by Allan Harris


























Anna Heinrich and Leon Palmer have worked in collaboration since the early 1990s. Their artworks range from photographic and light installations to large-scale projections and public art interventions.  Much of their work is site-specific, with locations including schools, National Trust properties, hospitals and sea-front promenades.

They have created a new site-specific work for York Curiouser:

‘When we visited York we were particularly intrigued by the site of the Red Tower. It is hard to imagine that there was once marsh land on that site and later a pond, except for the fact that the lower part of the building is now below ground.  As a site it seems to have a very enigmatic presence, … brilliant to work with.

We came away with the idea of recreating the lake or marsh land within the tower interior using mirrors, lights and water, plus planting (artificial or real).  This landscape can be viewed through a purpose made slot across the doorway.’