• Wednesday , 4 October 2023

 Map – York Curiouser 2014


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Artworks 2014

1. John Wedgwood Clarke – Kings Manor and snickets around the city

(Download John’s Poem Map.pdf )

2. Susanne Davies – Merchant Adventurers’ Hall

3. Sally Greaves-Lord – St Anthony’s Gardens near the Quilt Museum

4. Matt Hawthorn – River Foss Event

5. Heinrich and Palmer – Red Tower

6. Janet Hodgson – Fishergate Postern Tower

7. Damian Murphy with John Wedgwood Clarke – Courtyard, Kings Manor

8. Jacques Nimki – National Centre for Early Music, churchyard

9. Karen Thompson – Various locations including Museum Gardens, City Walls, Treasurer’s House, St Anthony’s Gardens


Locations for artists’ talks and workshops 2014

A. National Centre for Early Music – talks by Heinrich and Palmer and Jacques Nimki/Lara Goodband

B. Fishergate Postern Tower – talk by Janet Hodgson

C. Quilt Museum – talks by Susanne Davies/Hazel Colquhoun and Sally Greaves-Lord

D. Kings Manor – talks by Karen Thompson and JohnWedgwood Clarke/Damian Murphy, workshop with John Wedgwood Clarke

E. York Minster – Banners and Bunting workshop with Griselda Goldsbrough

F. York St Mary’s – Threads Workshop with Griselda Goldsbrough

G. York Castle Museum – Alternative Labels Workshop with Griselda Goldsbrough